Comics are a true art form and have been engaging and entertaining people across the globe since the 1830’s when the earliest known comic book called The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck was first published. This early example of the world of comic books was actually side stitched and consisted of a framework of six to twelve panels per page. There were no word balloons as we know them now but there was text placed under the panels to describe the story.

Many people ask the simple question of what are comics. It is fair to say that most people recognise comics and are familiar with their appearance and form but defining what a comic actually is becomes a much more difficult task. There are many definitions of the series of images and text that magically come together to produce meaning and convey a story.

And so there is every bit as much variety of views and thoughts on comics as there is diversity in the types and genres of comics on the market. This tapestry is what inspires us to read, review, discuss and debate the digital world of comics and the pleasure it brings to countless numbers of people.

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